Intricacy Engine

The Intricacy Engine is a new kind of thinking tool for intricate systems of information.

At its core, it’s mapping software. It maps two types of nodes and all the causal connections between them.

Yet it goes beyond standard mapping tools in that it is real-time and dynamic, serving as a playable system that people can interact with to intuitively explore systems of information.

It is able to calculate the real-time impact of multiple hundreds of player decisions and interactions within the system, and then track the diffuse impacts of all those actions across a complex causal network. Interactive data visualisations provide multiple different views into the system, with players able to use touchscreens to choose different ways to filter the information.

We’re now developing accessible analog installations that invite people to interact with the Intricacy Engine in community spaces and company atriums. See our work in Installations for more information.

The Intricacy Engine powered 2030 Hive Mind, Playable Data for Human Health, and Mapping Social Action in Watchet.