Playable Data, Playable Conferences

Data is moving- constantly changing- yet we try to represent it in static, unchanging visualisations.

In parallel, people expect to be involved in the decisions that affect them. They are increasingly used to having, and wielding, agency.

All in a world where we have increasingly complex data to manage, and decisions and trade-offs to make.

This is why we advocate for playful design: it’s a dynamic toolkit for the dynamic narratives that surround us.

We take complex systems of information and use technology and playful design to open up those systems and make them playable. We design for crowds of people in the real world- interacting face to face. We give people the opportunity to collectively think in systems, and co-create the future.

In 2017 we created the World’s First Playable Conference (or so they said), and since then we’ve been making data playable, whether for internal workshops, festivals or conferences.