Mapping Social Action

The Brief:

A collaboration with the Onion Collective in Watchet, Somerset, exploring how the Intricacy Engine could be used as a tool for mapping social action. We’ll also be exploring how we can give the mapping exercise a tangible interface as a full-size installation, and how mapping a nodal network physically, with spools of wool, compares to drawing on paper or digital mapping software in the construction of social bonds and collective intelligence.

The Project:

  • Mapping place-based social action in a way that helps the community collectively explore a system of information
  • Exploring the engine’s capacity to identify the community’s key players to themselves and others
  • Exploring the use of materials (spools of wool, lego blocks) in a mapping activity, looking at how immersive installations strengthen social bonds.
  • Look at how trade-offs and competing priorities can be explored by all parts of Watchet community in the most inclusive way possible.