IGLAB is a bi-monthly games testing lab held at the Pervasive Media Studio.

It’s chaotic, hands on, dynamic and participatory.
Most of the time it’s where we set aside judgement and throw ourselves (sometimes literally) into a place of joyful failure and supportive feedback. Games first tested (by us and other designers) evolve slowly and often unrecognisably from their first iteration at IGLAB.

IGLAB develops and supports the community of real-world game designers. It’s a space to test what works and what doesn’t, and also serves as an R’n’D space for our bigger projects. We explore new technologies and new play environments, and rapid prototyping and fast iteration are the order of the day.

For a few years, IGLAB became IGFEST, an annual festival of play and games. The enthusiasm of the community of people that gathered around the project was without doubt the cause of this rapid growth, and key among those supporters at this time was the Pervasive Media Studio.

Sometimes a truly standout game emerges from IGLAB:
Games that can fill a sports hall and entertain hundreds of people with competitive lasers. Games played by a small group that address the migration crisis. Games in which a crowd take over a disused car park for hours.

Our Best Of IGLAB is a portfolio of games that we have developed over the years. These real world games are available year-round for festivals and venues.

Contact shn@freeicecream.co.uk to book.