Hey, You Look Like Art!

I’ve been thinking about this all day and had two colleagues share it back to me. Now I’ve passed it on to the poor government tender pitching fools who share our woes. Excellent work Free Ice Cream! (Andrea Harris, Theatre Royal Bath)

The Brief:

Nesta asked us to create a playful installation for the foyer of their Creative Economy Symposium March 2019.  The Symposium brought together practitioners, researchers, creators and policymakers from across the creative economy to explore the question: ‘How could the future look if creativity were at the heart of it?‘  Nesta wanted something playful that would serve as a way into the conversation.

The Project:

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We felt it was essential to comment on how creativity is currently valued and traded before the attendees had an optimistic conversation about the future.  The approach for this had to be playful as it would touch on sector-wide sensitivities.  The installation addressed key ways in which artists are valued and sustained in society- firstly by issuing a ‘worst practice’ funding application form on twitter (gathering hundreds of likes/retweets), and then by raising a spectre of the most toxic possible future: an AI curator of ‘good’ art for people to submit their artworks to.