Data for Development Festival

The Brief:

The Data for Development Festival 2018 was a gathering of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. We were asked to run 2030 Hive Mind over the two days of the conference, and build a small real-world interaction outside of the game to draw people in.

The Project:

The Gender Equality Tombola.
As players attempted to achieve the SDGs we tracked the status of Goal 5 (Gender Equality).  When Goal 5 was doing badly in the main game we packed the tombola with messages from a world in which misogyny is rife; e.g: ‘You have just got married. Sign over all your property to your husband’.  Anyone enticed into playing the tombola would almost certainly pull out a ticket with a negative scenario, which was a great way to start a conversation about why that was the case.  When players in the game started to make progress on Goal 5, we put more positive gender scenarios into the tombola such as ‘Don’t think twice about walking the quiet way home’.  As the Goal slowly progressed, the ratio of positive and negative scenarios in the tombola slowly passed over the tipping point to a utopian world – ‘You have a newborn baby. No-one asks the gender, since it makes absolutely no difference what it is.’