Labs & Workshops


Game Design Fundamentals
This workshop teaches the basic building blocks of game design, and then gets you designing and playtesting your first game within your own subject/focus area.

Games, Simulations and Systems
Games are great for systems thinking. From interdependencies to feedback loops, to nonlinear actions and emergent behaviours, game designers even use the same language as systems thinkers. This workshop draws out the parallels, and dives into how some types of games and simulations provide new and helpful views into complex systems.

Playable Data
A playable approach to data. To understand something, you need to be able to experiment with it and observe the results. In this workshop, we show data owners how to give users a ‘way in’ to complex datasets so that they can pull levers, and observe the diffuse effects of their choices. In this way, data becomes playable, and in turn engages and empowers its users.

Labs & Event Series

IGLAB, founded by Simon, is our bi-monthly games lab held at the Pervasive Media Studio, where we and other game designers test out new games ideas on groups of playtesters. It’s chaotic, hands on, dynamic and participatory. IGLAB develops and supports the community of real world game designers

Artful Spark, founded by Sam alongside Ben Templeton, is a quarterly event series hosted at Rich Mix, London. Artful Spark looks at how new technologies inform artistic practice across all sectors – from museums, to theatre and of course – games, pulling back the curtain on some of the most cutting edge work out there.