Playable Cities

When Simon Johnson created IGLAB he became one of a handful of founders of a movement that combined games, theatre and other art forms to create new kinds of engaging and transformative experiences. This movement not only changed how the cultural sector (and myself) regard play, it inspired what is now the global Playable City movement.

– Clare Reddington

Having started Iglab and Igfest, Simon was talking about and making real-world games at a time when they lacked profile.

His early work combining games, interactive theatre and live art and ultimately championing play in the city led to his demonstrating the art form to many at the first Playable City Conference.

In 2014 he was invited to take part in Playable City Lagos where he mentored and facilitated local artists in active urban analysis and the making of site-specific street games, and in 2017 he was invited to take part in Playable City Seoul, where he mentored a local artist in the making of their own first playable city game.