2030 Hive Mind

‘A sweet, well thought out construction’

– Ken Eklund, World Without Oil

The SDGs are highly interdependent – objectives overlap; policies compete and complement; countries have to set priorities, sequence their efforts and manage trade-offs. The game simulates some of these complexities to spark inventive solutions and build alliances. This was not a modelling exercise, although the game was built on empirical evidence. Nor was it prescriptive. The game was designed to help people, regardless of their backgrounds, engage in a complex decision-making process.

– Soumya Chattopadhyay, ODI Senior Researcher

We were commissioned in 2017 by the Overseas Development Institute and the UNDP to create ‘The Worlds first Playable Conference’ and the result was 2030 Hive Mind.

2030 Hive Mind reflects the difficulties and opportunities that policy-makers and campaigners face as they marshall a spread of policies, budget their resources and lobby for political will.

It is a social game. Players can interact with their allocated ‘deck’ of policies via the bespoke app, but it is designed for a live space, with players sharing strategies by (literally) pulling apart interactive data visualisations at touchscreen tables. Players find out how they are doing by watching a news channel that tracks the game and broadcasts newsflashes that reflect the impact of their decisions in the real world.

You can read more from Soumya in his post, Why We Gamified the Sustainable Development Goals.