Playful Installations

Playful ways into important conversations.

We design playful interfaces for the big topics that people want to talk about. We can create engaging ways in to conversations about how we value artists, ethical data, feminism- or anything else you can think of. The trickier and more complex the issue, the better suited to a playful approach.

Below are examples of existing installations, or ask us to design something to your brief.

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Hey, You Look Like Art!

Want to build a sustainable arts practice? Why not submit your work to Free Ice Cream’s Curatatron 5000 and fill in our Application Form!

Measuring the immeasurable (using the power of machine learning) since 2019.

What gets counted counts!

A playful installation offering up one future for valuing and sustaining creativity.

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Level Playing Field

A table top racing game that is probably (not) a level playing field.

Playing with themes of feminism and intersectionality.

Players are assigned race/gender identities and then a series of real world challenges, all by spinning a fairground Tombola. Along the way, the gradient of their table-top racing lane is physically changed, culminating in a fast paced and ludicrous race to the end.

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Predict Me: al-Khwarizmi’s House of Wisdom

“We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it is financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.”
Jaron Lanier

Predict Me is a playable experience that asks for your data and your trust.
Themes: Personal data, privacy, trust, data interference and corruption, division, behaviour modification.

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Lifting Data

Part installation, part Node Module, Lifting Data is a work that gets to the very core of our data culture: to the philosophy underpinning the hidden engineering that runs huge swathes of the web.

Lifting Data is about taking this hidden and largely unchallenged philosophy and making it visible.

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I Am An Artist

A simple and resonant networking game about the network of connections we exist within, and about the artist within all of us.

As a player, you join with a group in the game space and are given a sensor to wear as a wristband or sticker. On the wall is a screen with a beautiful network visualisation.
Your challenge is to figure out what node you are in the network, and to find your kindred artist among the group. You explore the network in the real world by reaching out to touch someone else on the wrist. As you do, a connection pops up on the screen.