About Us

We’re here because we think our playful design tools can help. 

Help with collaboration, help with engagement, help make a more responsible, empowered, enlightened and human-centred world, and, help to do all of that in a way thats fun and engaging.

We’re using our decades of experience in making interactive narratives, immersive theatre, games and digital stories and using those skills for positive social impact.
We achieve impact in many different ways: collaborations with academics, making games for policymakers, creating tools for community changemakers, advocating for immersive technologies that prioritise connection.

Help who?

Our portfolio is a mix of client commissions, public sector tenders, and projects that we develop via public funding.

So in a nutshell…
We’re not quite an agency, not quite a games studio… although we have clients and we make games.
We’re not an arts organisation, although we make funded work that has artistic purpose.
We’re definitely not a software company, although we develop software and apps for projects.

We’re Simon Johnson and Sam Howey Nunn, and you can contact us here: