What We Do

All our work is on a spectrum between the playful and the complex.

We find the most engaging ways into complexity because we make joyful, irresistibly fun things.

And our playful work benefits from the deeper engagement styles and technology expertise we gain from our work in complexity.

Each end of the spectrum informs and enriches the other.

We use game design, interaction design and creative technology to meaningfully connect people with each other, with information and with physical spaces.

We make work for the web, for the real world, and often a hybrid of the two: our speciality is the embedding of digital magic into tangible, playful interfaces.

If you have an unwieldy dataset, a complex system, a social challenge, or a public engagement brief, we bring a framework that ranges from playful tools through to multi-platform simulations.

And if you want an installation, a real-world game or an interactive narrative then we have a track record in exactly that. We make enticing experiences, build those experiences around active audiences, and create and deliver embedded tech that bring those experiences to life.