Creating playful things ‘just for fun’ is at the core of our work.

We make work for the street game/real-world game festival circuit, and IGLAB is our R’n’D space where we regularly test new ideas both for our own projects and for client work.

We also use festivals, labs and parties as opportunities to make software and hardware prototypes of new games- sometimes physical computing, sometimes installations, sometimes web apps.

By making sure that play is always present in our roster of projects, we never stop thinking about the most engaging and fun ways into the work that needs to make a real impact.

Interactive narratives, playful experiences and games are our heritage.

Simon’s previous company, Slingshot, delivered real-world gaming experiences to over 60,000 players worldwide. Known primarily for 2.8 Hours Later, which was the original award-winning city-wide zombie chase game, Slingshot inspired many others to take up gaming as a form.

He was also instrumental in the creation of the globally successful Playable City movement when he created the world’s first lab for testing pervasive games, Iglab. It was a means to popularise pervasive gaming as a form and to introduce new artists and designers to the possibilities offered by play, games and the city. Simon directed and curated Igfest, an international festival of street games that ran for six years, bringing in some of the finest games designers from around the world.

Sam spent 10 years as an independent producer of work that sat at the intersection of theatre and games, producing for Forest Fringe, Coney, The Roundhouse and founding Scratch Interact, the world’s first interactive theatre scratch night, filling Soho Theatre with artists.