Complexity is a city that is not working for its inhabitants.

It’s a dataset that is too large to be interesting, let alone understood.

It’s a sticky social problem that the most dedicated are struggling to solve.

It’s a science concept that people think of as just beyond them.

It’s a governing system that people feel increasingly alienated by.

Complexity needs a playful toolkit that offers people the agency to play and explore it.

People expect to be involved in decisions that affect them.  They are increasingly used to having, and wielding, agency.

Governments, Corporations and the public sector have increasingly complex data to manage, and decisions and trade-offs to make.

As a result, these are two groups that are in danger of moving even further apart.

We have a toolkit that helps. We make collaborative spaces in the real world and use technology to create new thinking tools for challenging ideas and information.

Alongside this methodology, we bring a breadth of experience in making enticing experiences, building those experiences around active audiences, and the creation and delivery of embedded tech that brings those experiences to life.

This is why we are hired to make games for policymakers, games for public engagement, playable datasets, and playable cities.