Playable Data for Human Health

Working with Free Ice Cream has been great fun, and they’ve helped us to interact with our complex data in a completely new way.  We’re looking forward to using the playable system system they’ve developed to engage policy makers in improving human health.

– Oliver Davis, MRC IEU, University of Bristol

A collaboration with the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol, Playable Data for Human Health turns an outsize and static dataset into a dynamic causal network that can be interacted with, and in doing so, offers significant understanding of the complexities within it. Currently optimised for touchscreen tables and 360 data domes, we are exploring multi-user projection walls and AR interfaces.

With Oliver Davis of the MRC IEU, we put together a proposal to the Jean Golding Institute (JGI) to explore how immersive/ 360 tools might offer new views into complex data. The MRC IEU’s big dataset of human health conditions and associated environmental factors offered the complex data, and the game engine we developed for 2030 Hive Mind (the Intricacy Engine) served as the basis for the prototype.

With this project we were able to expand the capabilities of the Intricacy Engine to connect second tier nodes and handle negative numbers. We also built an admin interface so that new datasets can be loaded into the engine and rapidly tested.