Mapping Social Action

A collaboration with the Onion Collective in Watchet, Somerset. We’ve been looking for a way to explore what the Intricacy Engine could offer to place-based social action projects for a while, and the Onion Collective immediately saw the possibilities of the Intricacy Engine as a tool for mapping social action. Watchet is a fascinating place: facing a lack of local industry and geographically isolated, it nevertheless has an engaged local community and a very active volunteer network.

Phase 1: Analyse all the social action currently happening in Watchet and transposing it into the Intricacy Engine. Pinpointing social action nodes alongside a second set of nodes denoting Watchet’s Goals as a community, deciding on cross-nodal impacts (both positive and negative) and the relative weightings of those impacts. This exercise pushes a group to examine its collective and individual assumptions. It also forces the group to think about the simultaneous multi-nodal impacts/ effects of the system of information they are mapping, leading to a more systemic and holistic understanding of the information they’re dealing with.

Phase two: Explore the ways in which the trade-offs and competing priorities that will inevitably be unveiled in Phase 1 can be explored by all parts of Watchet community in the most inclusive way possible.